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Senior Exhibit

Hey guys. Been busy, busy, busy, and so I have not been up-to-speed on my blog. I just have not been able to post what’s been going on. I’m setting up for my Senior Exhibit and getting everything prepared. Yesterday I posted my Doctor Battery Acid poster. It’s going to be printed for the gallery and it will be a decent sized print. However, it will be small compared to my main one:

I felt that I had to put her as my poster. I mean, Kolevis is my character, my muse. She’s kept me going this entire time throughout my college career. It would be silly not to. My only regret is that she never made it into a film. Because my illustrations of her were done traditionally and not of such large size, I simply threw one of my paid commissioned works of her into this. She was illustrated by my pal Kanta-Kun over on deviantART. He did it vector so I could easily resize it. Props to him! I wanted to feature this illo of her, honestly. It’s too bad it couldn’t scale:

Anyways, remember to come by the exhibit sometime between Monday and the last day of class! Of course, I only say this to those that are actually in town. Please don’t fly in from somewhere, it really just wouldn’t be worth it.

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  1. Jordan

    Kolevis looks great as usual though the artwork in the main poster seems….cleaner than your others. Is it because of the vector tracing?

    Hope all goes well for your senior projects and finals!

    04.30.2011 at 12:57pm

    • Like I said in my post, Jordan, the vector image of Kolevis was drawn by my friend over on deviantART. His alias is “Kanta-Kun”. I commissioned this piece a while back. I’m only using it because it’s vector and shows Kolevis off perfectly. It’s simple and it works. I was able to resize it to over 5000 pixels for the poster no problem. I wanted to use my own illustrations of her because I believe they are better than this vector, cel-shaded one, but I could not stretch it up that much. I also cleaned up the commission and designed her into this poster. He had given me a bizarre rainbow background and brighter colors that I didn’t quite like.

      04.30.2011 at 3:51pm

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