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Aikaterine Kolevis Illustrations

Decided to draw a bunch of Kolevis this week. Didn’t use any references, basically just sketching here after feeling inspired by all of the graphic novels I’ve been reading. I need to publish a real graphic novel of her story. It would be perfect. But, until I’m able to I will have to just keep on drawing her until I get her look down just right. I think my favorite was drawn back in November of last year. I need to keep trying to mimic that look. But hey, this is what you get with markers and a half hour of free time.

One response

  1. Jordan

    These look great, Ryan. Keep it up. How’s New York going for you so far? I’m sorry I haven’t been able to get to you about the publisher. I’m still waiting on mom to finish editing the manuscript since she says it needs a few more corrections. If the publisher is interested in your work I’ll definitely mention your graphic novel.

    08.14.2011 at 11:23pm

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