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Maggie Kwan – Eureka Seven: AO

A little out of practice, but still managed to pull off a new illustration tonight in just under 3 hours. Here is Maggie Kwan, a cool character from Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean. I found her character design to be top notch. I personally really dig big fat arms / gauntlet type of glove things on skinny characters. Maybe that’s why I chose to draw her. Who knows? Hope you enjoy. In other unrelated news, I have a new demo reel out, going to post it soon. Stay tuned!

One response

  1. Jordan

    I find the bulky glove/gauntlet design rather strange, but it works. Though I could swear I saw something like it in RahXephon. Anyway, it’s great work here as always; I really enjoyed watching the work in progress on livestream. Looking forward to the demo reel.

    06.15.2012 at 5:43am

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